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Thu May 26 14:23:12 BST 2005

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John A Meinel wrote:

| baz2bzr has a problem when /tmp is not on the same filesystem as the
| current working directory. So on line 235 just change os.rename(revdir,
| output_dir) to shutil.move(revdir, outputdir)

I agree this needs fixing.  I think it makes more sense to force the
tempdir to be on the same filesystem, since that's where it will
ultimately be stored.  For instance, you'll get "Not enough disk space"
errors IFF there isn't enough space to store the converted tree (and the
Arch cruft) on the target filesystem.

| Also, it has difficulties if you don't have the complete ancestry of the
| branch registered. I'm thinking to catch the exception, and then
| continuing. Is that a reasonable thing to do, or do you want baz2bzr to
| only include complete histories?

Right now, I'm trying to convert the Arch branch as faithfully as
possible.  I think it would be misleading for there to be a different
number of revisions in the bzr branch.  I would be okay with an optional
start-from-here parameter-- would that suit you?

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