[apparmor] [Merge] lp:~xnox/apparmor/bison-3.0 into lp:apparmor

Dimitri John Ledkov launchpad at surgut.co.uk
Wed Jan 1 03:50:36 UTC 2014

Dimitri John Ledkov has proposed merging lp:~xnox/apparmor/bison-3.0 into lp:apparmor.

Requested reviews:
  AppArmor Developers (apparmor-dev)

For more details, see:

This is my attempt at fixing FTBFS with bison 3.x which is now in Trusty Tahr.
YYLEX_PARAM has been deprecated for a long time, but has been finally removed.

The semantics are different, as one no-longer can pass arbitrary expressions as parameter.

I've attempted to fix this, but in the process lost const qualifier, which I think is bad. Maybe someone who speaks better bison can come up with a better patch.

Also fixed %name-prefix call.
Your team AppArmor Developers is requested to review the proposed merge of lp:~xnox/apparmor/bison-3.0 into lp:apparmor.
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