Community vote and publishing apps

Allison Randal allison at
Mon Jul 16 18:03:36 UTC 2012

Hi David,

Holding off on publishing apps until after the jury vote is easy.
Publishing all the contest apps at the same time is going to be
difficult to coordinate. Not impossible, but there are a few things to
keep in mind:

- ARB apps are only sync'd to extras once a day. We can't publish them
right as the announcement goes out, we have to publish them the day before.

- Publishing an app involves submitting the source package to Launchpad
and waiting for it to build. A single app can take hours, and if it's
bounced back with any errors, hours more. This means that trying to
publish all the contest apps at once is risky, they may not all build
and make it into the repository on time. It's also time consuming, as
someone has to watch the queue all day as the apps slowly build, and
fix/resubmit any that break.

I have a couple of alternatives to suggest:

- We just go ahead and publish apps as they're approved by ARB vote,
people won't know to vote on them until you make the announcement for
community voting.

- Or, we publish contest apps into a special contest-staging PPA, and do
a copy straight from that to the live PPA when we're ready to publish
(the day before you announce community voting). This is closer to what
you were looking for, but also riskier as a launch process, since it's
untested. stgraber may have other comments on whether this is a workable
alternative. One advantage here is that we might open up the
contest-staging PPA for uploads from all ARB contributors, which would
help distribute the workload for final uploads.

You say the jury vote will be announced July 23rd, when are you looking
to announce the community vote?


On 07/16/2012 09:28 AM, David Planella wrote:
> Hi all,
> It's great to see app reviews are in full swing and that the first app
> for the contest got published already, so great work everyone.
> Now that the jury has started voting on apps, the winners from the jury
> vote will be announced on the week of the 23rd of July. Following that,
> and once all apps are in, the community vote will start.
> The basic idea is that once the public voting period is announced, the
> community will look at the list of apps in the contest and use the
> Software Centre to rate them. At the end of the period, we'll use the
> Ratings & Reviews API to count the votes and pick 3 winners.
> One thing I wanted to ask the ARB is whether you could please hold off
> publishing any contest apps to extras until the community voting is
> announced, so that we can publish all of them at once and they all have
> the same amount of time to get rated.
> Thanks.
> Cheers,
> David.

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