Community vote and publishing apps

David Planella david.planella at
Mon Jul 16 16:28:14 UTC 2012

Hi all,

It's great to see app reviews are in full swing and that the first app
for the contest got published already, so great work everyone.

Now that the jury has started voting on apps, the winners from the jury
vote will be announced on the week of the 23rd of July. Following that,
and once all apps are in, the community vote will start.

The basic idea is that once the public voting period is announced, the
community will look at the list of apps in the contest and use the
Software Centre to rate them. At the end of the period, we'll use the
Ratings & Reviews API to count the votes and pick 3 winners.

One thing I wanted to ask the ARB is whether you could please hold off
publishing any contest apps to extras until the community voting is
announced, so that we can publish all of them at once and they all have
the same amount of time to get rated.



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