[xubuntu-users] Hardware query

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at zoho.com
Fri Aug 12 22:39:55 UTC 2022


1. Replace the CMOS thingy's battery or at least reset the CMOS thingy
by a shortcut, probably there's a special jumper to do it, read the
2. Disconnect everything that isn't needed for testing purpose. Special
PCI cards, USB devices etc.. Reconnect everything that is needed, e.g.
plug the RAM bars out and in, SATA cables etc.. Maybe replace cables by
new ones.
3. Run Memtest. You can move RAM bars from one to another slot or
instead of using several RAM bars, just use one.
4. For testing purpose connect another machine's power supply. The BIOS
diagnostics might show that all voltages are ok, but when taking a look
by the BIOS diagnostics, there isn't anything that does stress the power
5. Is another graphics at hand? If so try another graphics.
6. Connect another monitor by another cable.

Btw. plugging in or out, maybe even using a cheap switching power supply
for something completely unrelated to the computer can have impact to
the computer's reliability. Don't charge a smartphone, don't connect a
cheap radio etc. to the mains. I see all kinds of effects when plugging
in a cheap switching power supply, e.g. the LCD display of my PC goes
blank for around a second.


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