[xubuntu-users] Recommendations for remote desktop (xubuntu to xubuntu) wanted please

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Fri Jan 22 09:58:36 UTC 2021

On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 08:17:06AM +0800, wojiushixxx wrote:
> At 2021-01-21 22:22:12, "Chris Green" <cl at isbd.net> wrote:
> >I run xubuntu 20.10 on both my laptop and on my desktop machine.
> >
> >What's the easiest/cleanest/simplest way to run a remote desktop on my
> >laptop?  I.e. laptop is client, desktop is server.
> >
> >I'm currently using x2go and it does work reasonably well but it seems
> >a bit heavyweight for what I actually want to do.  In practice there
> >are just a couple of applications that I want to run remotely and it's
> >nearly always across a fast LAN so just using X is almost good
> >enough. (i.e. 'ssh -X <desktop>' and run the program), it's just a
> >little slow with big GUIs.
> >
> >So any recommendations for a simple lightweight remote desktop program
> >would be welcome.  Ideally something that is easily configured to run
> >individual programs.
> >
>    What do you think of VNC?
I thought I was asking you (or the list anyway)!  I was asking what
other's experience was, having explained what I wanted.  :-)

The trouble with VNC (from my viewpoint asking the question) is that
there isn't a 'VNC' that you can install.  VNC is more the underlying
protocol.  There ar certainly lots of clients that can use VNC.

I'd actually have a slight preference for something that uses ssh as
have that configured on all my systems already so a lightweight client
that depends (only?) on ssh would seem to be perfect for me.

Chris Green

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