[xubuntu-users] Disabling Ctrl-A and/or remapping Select-All to another key combination.

Jeffery Small jefferysmall at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 17:15:20 UTC 2020

On 06-29, Hartmut Haase wrote:
>just to get you right: is on your keyboard the Ctrl key left beside the A

Exactly!  That's the UNIX layout as opposed to the Windows or Mac layout.

On 06-29, Michele Mor wrote:
>If I'm not mistaken, you can look at the keyboard application.
>Look at Settings | Keyboard, then you'll find a tab with Application
>shortcut. In there you can change or remove shortcut

Interesting!  I've made many keyboard assignments here, but I never though
to try
reassigning a low-level function like this.  I assigned the command "true"
to Ctrl-A
and this did indeed deactivate the select-all function system wide.  Thank

In Firefox I can still select-all using Alt-A which is apparently built
into this program.
Do you or anyone else know how to now assign "select-all" to Alt-A or some
shortcut?  This Keyboard utility is looking for a system command to assign
to a
shortcut and there is nothing like that for select-all.  I would like to
make the
assignment so that the function is available in other applications.

Thank you all for the help!

I wrote:
>>Xubuntu 19.10
>>I'm a left-handed two-finger typist and often accidentally hit the Control
>>key when typing an "a" on my UNIX-style keyboard, which ends up selecting
>>everything -- typically in a browser (Firefox) form, but elsewhere as
>>well.  Is there some facility in Xubuntu where this mapping can de
>>or reassigned?  I notice that in Firefox at least, Alt-A already performs
>>the Select-All function so disabling Ctrl-A would address most of my
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