[xubuntu-users] problems with gimp 2.10-14

hans Schneidhofer mei-mail at posteo.de
Sat Jul 18 16:39:09 UTC 2020

hi list,

it seems, but am not sure right now,
that problem ist the amdgpu-driver. 

This driver I had to install, because on the same machine blender 2.83
is installed. And to get all the render-featers running (realtime-
rendering) this driver is a must due to xubuntu 18.04

Have read about that on the ubuntu(xubuntu-) 20.02 this amdgpu-driver
from AMD will be replaced with a newone driver which is then integrated
in the ubuntu-kernel-driver.
That should fix the previous driver problems.

Okay, then I will try again gimp 2.10-20 and xubuntu 20.02 in August.
This seems the month, where xubuntu 20.02 Release will be published.

thanks to the list and bye

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