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Rog linux.rog at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 00:29:22 UTC 2020

On 1/30/20 5:22 PM, Karel P Coors wrote:
> Good day
> I use Ubuntu 18.04 with Thunderbird. First time today receive message 
> Thunderbird cannot connect to imap.googlemail.com 
> <http://imap.googlemail.com>. Under Help found diagnostics center. Followed 
> recommendation. No result.
> Uninstalled Thunderbird. Restarted PC. Downloaded latest version 
> Thunderbird. No result.
> What would be the solution?
> Best regards
> -- 
> Karel P Coors

I hope your problem has been solved. It might be NOT on your end! I have three 
gmail accounts that I use with T-bird as the client. On the day you first 
posted, I, too, was having trouble connecting. The problem has gone away even 
tho I made no changes to my configuration. FWIW: I use IMAP. AND, I use an 
Android app to access the same email accounts with no troubles.

linux.rog at gmail.com

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