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David, FWIW, I've been running, dual boot Xubuntu and Win-7 from a 120 GB SSD for several years with no problems. /and boot reside there. Data are on HDDs. Runs fast. READ RELEASE notes first. Especially if you are using an encrypted /home. Things have changed a lot in that arena.

-- Roger Broseus
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Hi all

I should hopefully be building a new PC at some point this year and wanted
to gauge opinion on a couple of points.

1. SSD - my plan is to have the OS on a nice fast SSD and all my files on a
regular hard-drive.  do I have to do anything different during installation
or will Xubuntu "just see" my SSD?

2. UEFI - again, do I have to do anything different during the installation
to allow for UEFI?

Installation will be via USB flashdrive.

Many thanks as always
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