[xubuntu-users] Display the screen of a gui program running localy on a remote PC using DISPLAY=x:0.0

Yvo Brasseur yvo.brasseur at rendaosolutions.com
Thu Nov 22 12:52:08 UTC 2018

In the case of program a running on IP-A, and displaying its screen on
a remote PC IP-B, I used to do this :

1) on the remote system IP_B:
'xhost +IP-A'
in /etc/X11/xinit/xservrc:
change exec /usr/bin/X -nolisten tcp "$@"
to exec /usr/bin/X -listen tcp "$@"

2) on the local system IP-A:
DISPLAY=IP-B:0:0 xterm
xterm -display IP-B:0.0 (or :10.0 etc)

Now I get a message that the display cannot be opened.

I need this as my system IP-B is an old PC attached to a big television
screen (used as monitor) in a meeting room.
Using this DISPLAY= option I could run my demo's on my laptop and
show the resulting screen on the big screen.
Using 'ssh -XC IP-B x2x -east -to :0.0 I could use my local mouse
and keyboard on the big television screen as well. Was very handy ...

I have been trying a number of options but keep getting this message,

or references to port 6000 not authorised (even fiddled with iptables and
UFW firewall

to try and open port 6000)...

Any help or tips are greatly appreciated !



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