[xubuntu-users] Blue Light Filter 16.04?

Matti Pulkkinen mkjpul at utu.fi
Sun May 27 17:53:16 UTC 2018

Redshift works fine for me on 16.04. Do you get any error messages when
you start redshift from the command line, or does it appear to start fine?

Terveisin/With Regards,
- Matti Pulkkinen

Thiago Cantanhêde da Rosa kirjoitti 27.05.2018 klo 03:56:
> anyone knows how to filter blue light on xubuntu 16?
> redshift refuses to work properly for reasons I can't understand and after
> many changes made...
> really need help with and any advice is most welcome with gratitude :)
> cheers!
> *Thiago da Rosa*

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