[xubuntu-users] Freecad crashes on Xubuntu 18.04

Hans Schneidhofer hans_linuser at aon.at
Thu May 10 23:12:35 UTC 2018

hi list,
does anyone use the freecad 0.17 ?

I have both versions - onetime the normal installable Version of
Freecad 0.17 and second the static-version of it.

But no succes with both versions.

On my other xubuntu-box 16.04 I have istalled first the installable and
also tried the static-version of freecad 0.17 and both are running
without any problems.

So I asume, that anything in xubuntu 18.04 is something bad oder
something else ?

Has anyone of this list made some experiences with the new freecad 0.17
on xubuntu bionic ?

For sure I will also ask this in the freecad-forum. But it
is conspicuous, that both versions of freecad 0.17 crashes on start
with bionics.

Thanks in advance
bye hans

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