[xubuntu-users] Dual Boot With Windows and Xuduntu !6.04 Help

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Tue Jan 2 22:33:05 UTC 2018

Excuse the top-posting but it makes sense in this case - UEFI involved.

First, I suggest getting a handle on what UEFI is about. Read, read, read. My 
plan is to sketch it out before I do my next install - noting the relationship 
between different partitions, boot loader location, etc. There is a good 
discussion of UEFI and installation at

Now check out Ubuntu UEFI Documentation on how to install:

Here's another ref: 
short url: https://is.gd/ffovSK

If ya want to go nuts about UEFI, 
My brain can't wrap around that yet.

Some advise to shrink the Win partition using disk management tools in 
Windows, noting that one may not be able to squeeze it too far because of some 
unmovable info store on the disk.

Space: over the years, I've learned that Windows is a real hog for space. I 
just reinstalled Win-7 because I was running out of space on a 50 GB 
partition; I increased it to 75 GB! My partitioning for Xubuntu is:

    /boot    3.3 GB, 4% used
    /           35 GB, 16%
    /home  73 GB, 25%

Root is symbolized as "/" and is where most of the executable software lives. 
I use a 128 GB SSD for the the OSes - Windows and Linux, with room to spare. 
/home is on a second SSD. No swap partition is needed. If swap space is 
needed, create a swap file but the need is rare if you have a goodly amount of 
ram - probably not with 4 GB and almost certainly not with 8GB of ram. Linux 
is very good at managing memory / ram.

Observations: it will pay in the long run to learn about UEFI. It is "the wave 
of the future." Constrains claim that UEFI is a Microsoft plot of some sort. 
Not so. While MS was involved, and naturally so, Intel and others were heavily 
involved (see Wikipedia, 

Simply stated, UEFI goes beyond GRUB, and adds powerful and desirable 
functionality that is not available in the bios, etc. We gotta learn about it 
sooner or later. Sooner is better if UEFI is on your new computer.

My comments may not apply to distros other then Ubuntu and not to older 
versions, e.g., pre-16.04.

On 01/02/2018 03:52 PM, leegold wrote:
> in addition it says: gpt
> On Tue, Jan 2, 2018, at 11:50 AM, leegold wrote:
>> What should I know to install  16.04 64 onto a Toshiba laptop with UEFI?
>> Or should I install newest non-LTS 17.10 version (but I read there were
>> some nasty issues with UEFI and 17.10).
>> Do I need to disable secure boot? Assume I do.
>> Shrunk C: for Linux space. The HD has 5 partitions. From “left to right”:
>>      300MB Recovery
>>      100MB EFI System
>>      C: 500GB “where the exiting Win10 lives”
>>      92GB Unallocated, gained from shrinking C:, aim to put / and swap
>> parts. there.
>>      891MB Recovery
>>  From what I read Grub has to “play nice” with EFI. My question is, when
>> I install, where do I install Grub? What do I do? I see an EFI partition
>> and don’t want to “hose” anything. There are lots of recopies and
>> concoctions when I google.
>> Thanks.
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