[xubuntu-users] xubuntu-users Digest, Vol 139, Issue 17

Paul kc1hep at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 19:10:25 UTC 2018

I am FAR from knowledgeable in Linux, but.....
Verify that java.awt is installed correctly. Looks like it might have been corrupted or unistalled?
I had a library get removed due to an update, then had to go find the old version so I could compile some code.
Good luck, let us know.//Paul 
   1.  JEdit broken by upgrade (Brian)

> jedit
> 7:34:08 AM [main] [error] main: Exception in thread "main" 
> 7:34:08 AM [main] [error] main: java.awt.AWTError: Assistive Technology not found: org.GNOME.Accessibility.AtkWrapper
> 7:34:08 AM [main] [error] main:  at java.desktop/java.awt.Toolkit.newAWTError(Toolkit.java:472)

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