[xubuntu-users] Dropbox not supporting encrypted Ext4?

Rog linux.rog at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 16:22:24 UTC 2018

Dropbox says they are dropping support for ecryptfs. They say support is 
provided for,

  * "Linux:  Ubuntu 14.04 or higher, Fedora 21 or higher
      o The Dropbox folder will need to be on an ext4-formatted hard drive or
      o Note: ecryptfs is not supported, but Dropbox will continue to sync
        with supported file systems that are encrypted via full disk
        encryption (e.g. LUKS)


    short url: https://is.gd/cwfR4w

Am I reading this correctly, that if one encrypts a partition, as opposed to a 
whole drive, that Dropbox won't work anymore?


FWIW: I use Dropbox because it works across OSes, i.e., Linux, Windows, and 
Droids. Files saved to the Dropbox cloud are encrypted by me before uploading.

linux.rog at gmail.com

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