[xubuntu-users] 18.04.1 Point Release Testing

Art ky1k at myfairpoint.net
Sat Aug 4 16:36:28 UTC 2018

I agree with you Ralf, 100%!!
> There are indeed at least two kind of developers, those who don't care
> about anybody else and those who have a sympathetic ear.
To some degree, a developer who doesn't have a sympathetic ear is simply
working hard and flat out, and can't devote as much time as they would
like to with regard to interacting with users. I can't fault them for
this, and I hope everyone understands WHY they're like this!
> if the developers are aware of your needs
> they have got crystal balls?
> You perhaps can't follow upstream, but you could stay with the last LTS
> 16.04, test 18.04 and report your concerns 
Yes, I'm sure there are ways to contact the developers, likely not
interactively though. But in the case of expecting all the users who use
encrypted home folders to convert to whole disk encryption...it's so
blatant that they should have known this change was a change for the
worse. I had no warning about the loss of whole folder encryption-I
didn't know this was happening until it actually happened. *How do I
learn about such changes BEFORE they happen?? *

Historically, once a change is made, there is no going back. For
example, look at how many years it took for the developers to give Unity
the boot! Now that full disk encryption is instituted, I fear that full
disk encryption is here to stay.

The difference between brand M operating systems and Xubuntu is that the
users don't need 16GB of ram and a new supercomputer to use it! Maybe
I'm in the minority, but I like the older hardware, so does my budget.
An upgrade for me was the addition of 4 more GB or ram and a solid state
drive. Xubuntu is now a speed demon despite my aging punchbox and I have
an additional $2K to spend for other things::> I sure hope Xubuntu
doesn't go away!



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