[xubuntu-users] 18.04.1 Point Release Testing

Victor Forberger vforberger at fastmail.fm
Fri Aug 3 13:52:01 UTC 2018

On Aug 2, 2018, at 8:59 PM, chris <chris352011 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 03/08/18 12:01, Art wrote:
>> I read in horror the news about 18.04.1! I cannot believe they have
>> canned the ability to encrypt the home folder, providing only 'full
>> disk' encryption as an alternative.
>> I won't use any linux variant if the ability to provide a worthy and
>> appropriate means of encryption isn't provided.
>> When one encrypts the entire disk, the processor load soars and my
>> somewhat oldish hardware in my current punchbox will fall flat on its
>> face. Under the old 18.04, with a fully loaded installation and an
>> encrypted home folder, I boot in 12 seconds and shut down in 8 seconds.
>> And, this is with an aging I5 processor, second generation on an old
>> Lenovo M91P SFF computer that I paid $65 for 3 years ago.
>> If the entire disk is encrypted (per the current release), the
>> performance will take a severe hit and I do not want to buy new
>> hardware. I'm not so sure why those on this list haven't commented about
>> this before now.
>> I am planning to downgrade (back to 16.04), and hang on for a workable
>> encryption solution. If this full disk encryption plan isn't improved,
>> my Linux use will end when support for 16.04 does. I am very disappointed.
>> Rather than calling the existing home folder encryption software
>> 'buggy', how about writing software that isn't buggy instead? Encrypting
>> the entire disk is insane, IMHO.
>> I'm also a little curious why this bomb has been dropped with little or
>> no advance warning to the community.....maybe I am not subscribed to the
>> proper mailing list-please suggest which lists I should subscribe to in
>> order to be aware of these types of changes before they happen.
>> And, finally, TY to all who run this list and support the linux
>> movement...I'm sure that isn't heard nearly as often as it should be!
>> Regards,
>> Art
> I agree, 18.04 is basically unusable.
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I’m not seeing these slow downs.  My desktop is a 3 MHz dual core 2 with a slowish SSD, and it runs fine. I have encryption turned on.  

Granted, the boot takes about 20-30 seconds. But, booting has always been slower with systemd (I recall my older Pentium 3 desktop with a regular HD booted on under 10 seconds around 11.04 or 11.10 before systemd took over). 

- Victor

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