[xubuntu-users] new pdf file

Victor Forberger vforberger at fastmail.fm
Fri Aug 3 13:39:42 UTC 2018

> On Aug 3, 2018, at 4:03 AM, Peter Flynn <peter at silmaril.ie> wrote:
>> On 02/08/18 20:48, Victor Forberger wrote:
>> atril is the new pdf reader, and its functions and layout are like
>> evince under 14.04 (at least from what I recall).
> I do hope that atril is adding something, because it isn't worth
> changing for the sake of change.
> Evince was one of the few PDF readers for Linux that did not make
> unwarranted prejudgements about the print environment (the other one
> being okular): the rest have made some extraordinary and careless
> decisions, like omitting the print-quality setting or the scale-to-fit
> switch from the Print dialog.
> Given that Acrobat Reader for Linux is not being updated any more, even
> the good PDF readers still don't provide the range of controls (or the
> echo of the generated lpr command-line) that Acrobat provided.
> Many long-term UNIX and GNU/Linux users act surprised that migrating
> Windows and Mac users give up and go back — this is a good example of
> one of the reasons why: the tools are excellent, but simply don't
> provide the features expected by normal users (that is, end-users, not
> developers or programmers).
> ///Peter
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From what I see, Atril has all the functionality of evince. And, the interface is better, so it it easier to use. 

I hadn’t like changes to evince of late, and had always had to change the interface with an upgrade (add menu, add toolbar buttons). 

Atril has a standard menu as a default. I still have to customize the toolbar (I like lots of options for view changes). 

- Victor

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