[xubuntu-users] need help with installation

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Mon Apr 23 21:04:13 UTC 2018

On 22/04/18 23:22, Thiago Cantanhêde da Rosa wrote:
> hello guys and gals
> this is my first time trying ubuntu and xubuntu seemed like the best
> choice for my old machine

Xubuntu certainly; regular Ubuntu has an interface that is too big and
hungry for older machines.

> I'm stuck at installation

Have you used a bootable USB or DVD to run [X]Ubuntu standalone first,
to check it out?

> [failed] "starting Light Display Manager" message keeps coming and going

Can you explain "coming and going"? Do you mean blinking, or do you mean
a longer delay?

I haven't seen this exact error, but having had endless problems
installing Linux on older machines, it looks like it's a hardware
problem: the available screen drivers don't have an option to support
the graphics chip or display on the machine.

> i really don't know what to do and most forums I've read haven't helped

Some of the distributions of Linux do have a different range of display

Make an install USB or DVD for Lubuntu, Mint, Bodhi, and Arch and see if
they have what's needed to get the display running.

> if anybody could reply directly to my email so we can talk, I'll be most
> grateful

I think it's useful to at least start publically.


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