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Leigh S leigh at sutherland.pt
Sat Apr 7 09:18:58 UTC 2018


Remove Installation Media:

 I can definitely say that there was no indication to remove installation media as I have seen on other distributions, as I distinctly remember thinking that I should take it out but as it was not written then I wouldn't risk it.

Probably it's something that everyone just 'knows'.

Its something that could be thought to be quite trivial, but I think that it is the kind of thing that could have put me (and other newcomers like me) off carrying on with using Xubuntu / Linux

USB 3.0 ports:

Is this common (I found this solution from somewhere, so it must be I guess)?

Is it only on certain hardware?

New, successful tests:

I have now got  pulseaudio-dlna streaming to the RPi OSMC RPi's around the house, and also to my RPi based Logitiech Media Server / Moode audio powered house synced Hifi system

Also used the appimage of Nextcloud desktop sync app and that all works (but integrating appimages into the desktop is always a stumbling block for me)


I am sure its easy enough - I have been researching advanced (composite) engineering materials etc for over 20 years and am (physical) testing based so I will probably at least understand the thought processes - but as is the case for everything, if you don't understand the terminology then you quickly get lost (on re-read sounds like I'm put out, but I'm not at all :)  ).

Please take this as trying to be helpful - My thoughts were, 'surely they are only looking for people who already know what they are doing if the testing instructions are written like this'

I will try the IRC, thanks for the link as I have often wondered what IRC is :)

My last time really doing any coding etc was with a ZX81 and then in the early 80's at Uni in FORTRAN and since then only things like SIMULINK & R (& them always with the help of expert colleagues), so its the terminology and the how the whole community process works that baffles me most

Anyway, the main thing is that the whole idea of open source and communities is so appealing to me as someone who grew up in the late 70's with punk - so I should get off my @rse and help.

But first I will have to get the washing in and get lunch ready before my wife comes back from work or she will have my b at lls for garters - oh how the mighty have fallen.


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On 05/04/18 18:52, Leigh S wrote:

Hi, Moin, Olá etc

I am really, really happy with the absolutely excellent Xubuntu, thanks!

I did read through the blog and link info about helping with testing with very good intentions but it all went over my head and I could see that I would just be more trouble than help, given the time I have available (small child, work, house rebuild etc etc). ...snip ...


(It's very much appreciated)


First - thanks for testing and your mail to this list.

Secondly - testing's not hard - certainly easier than it reads ... pop by the dev irc channel sometime and ask - we're a friendly bunch [1]


[1] http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=xubuntu-devel&nick=tracker.&prompt=1&uio=MTE9MjE131


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