[xubuntu-users] Need help with getting my display settings to stick.

Tim Uckun timuckun at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 01:52:50 UTC 2018

Hi all.

I Installed xubuntu 17.10 on my thinkpad. I am working through some issues
at the moment and the one that is annoying me most is that the display
settings for the external monitor don't stick.

I set up the position, the resolution and the "not mirrored" status of the
external monitor but if the laptop goes to sleep and wakes up again the
monitors become mirrored. The odd thing is that the display settings do not
have "mirror" option checked but it's mirroring anyway. In order stop
mirroring I click on mirror and then unclick again. When I do this all
other settings get reset so I have to once again rearrange the monitors and
set their preferred resolution.

Why don't these settings get written someplace so they are in effect when
the laptop wakes up?
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