[xubuntu-users] System slow, multiple thunar processes running

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at zoho.com
Thu Sep 7 04:38:25 UTC 2017

On Wed, 6 Sep 2017 16:21:12 -0700, John R. Sowden wrote:
>Thanks for the follow up. Most of my machines have 2GB RAM.  I didn't 
>realize it, but when I ran free -m, I found there is only 1GB on this 
>machine.  I think you're right.  Feature/bloat creep?


you are guessing based on what evidence/evidences?

If you run

  free -m



what does swap show?

If you are running


then sort by memory, is memory really that much needed by bloated apps?

Push X to see by what top does sort, push Shift+M to sort by memory.

If you run

  df -ht tmpfs

is there enough tmpfs available?

If tmpfs should be full

  ls $(df -t tmpfs | awk '{ print $6}' | grep -v Mounted)

shows what is in tmpfs.


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