[xubuntu-users] confirmation dialog when delete files from gui (thunar/nautilus)

Joao Monteiro jmonteiro257 at gmail.com
Thu May 25 23:35:10 UTC 2017

I used Dolphin with Mate and yes, it was nice. But I like the one that
comes with xubuntu xfce as well (I think it's thunar, not sure), simple and
efficient, a combination I love.

I also installed double commander which I find useful when I need to move
loads of files from various different folders onto a single folder, at
work, because at work it's always a dang rush-rush-rush.

But got to say that as Ralph suggested to me, I have been studying the
shell and playing around with moving files, changing attributes,
permissions, etc from the command line and I enjoy using just the keyboard,
not wasting time with grabbing the mouse, clicking, checking options on the
pop up menu and clicking again...

It's also helping me to understand and getting familiar with the shell
commands and the linux file system. So I won't be surprised if within a few
months I end up using the cli more than the GUI file manager, at least at
home as at work when the pressure of time constraints hits, I confess that
I still get things done faster via the GUI... a consequence of years and
years on windows, but it's ok, I'm not beating myself for it.

Time is a great teacher and I'm happy to be a learnee :)

My wife has jokingly told me that I'm turning into a xubutaholic haha...
maybe I make it my signature quote "Joao -xubuntaholic" hehehe...

Fun aside... Gustavo, the moment we make a conscious decision to leave
windows and make an honest effort to start learning linux by using it as it
is, for what it is, letting go of the windows structure and focusing on the
linux structure, all the knowledge we have from windows becomes actually
very helpful and getting used to linux becomes easier and easier and faster
and faster... at least that's what I am experiencing myself...

But for the strict sake of honesty, I also have to say that it is indeed
incredibly important, in order to start the transition, to find a linux
distro that gives us a degree of familiarity with windows GUI-wise and a
good supporting help file/system.

We are all different of course and for me personally, it was Mate that gave
me hope and encouraged me to not give up, and xubuntu xfce that finally
gave me the confidence to commit to a serious effort to transition, because
of its stability and consistency accross different machines of different
hardware resources and age, and because of the clarity of explanations in
the documentation I came accross...

No patronizing, no assuming that the reader is a geek, no superficial
explanations but no unnecessary excessive -or perhaps "too deep"-
explanations either... a good common sense, balanced-based explanation,
with visible consideration for the reader by not assuming that the reader
may have some knowledge already about one two many things linux related.

And all the friends and colleagues that I have been introducing to it are
happy with it for the same reasons... they feel comfortable with a GUI that
doesn't make them feel abruptly cut off from the familiarity of windows,
easily obtained explanations by searching for keywords/expressions and
clear explanations that they can understand.

So... yeah, I babble a bit too much, I know, but I can't stress it enough
what a great work xubuntu xfce is for windows users desperate to get an
alternative to it, because I don't really know if seasoned linuxers can
appreciate how truly important for such windows dissidents, the xubuntu
xfce is...

And I say this because if I had come across it when I started looking into
linux, rather than over a couple of years later after trying quite a number
of different distros, perhaps I too wouldn't understand quite well what the
fuss that I'm making about it was all about.

I have no doubts that there are many excellent distros out there, but for a
windows user, this xubuntu xfce is a very, very precious distro and that's
why I babble so much about it... because I wish its authors/creators
realize the importance and value of their work and don't let it die.

It would be a massive and really tragic loss for countless windows users
desperate for a better OS as well as for the linux world which would loose
the excellent contributions that many windows users can bring to linux once
they migrate to it. Oh yes... there are many good windows folks out there
whose only sin is to have been given no choice but microsoft so far...

And this distro is potentially the bridge they have been waiting for so

Apologies for the long rant and thank you upfront for tolerating it and
understanding WHY it matters.

Kind regards to all


On 25 May 2017 22:27, "Peter Flynn" <peter at silmaril.ie> wrote:

> On 05/25/2017 08:34 PM, Gustavo Sansone wrote:
> > What I'm seeing frequently, is some users suddenly "miss" files from
> > folders and then I find out those files goes to the "trash".
> > So, knowing that 99,9% is users fault,
> Do you know exactly *what* they are doing to make the files go to the
> Trash?
> Are they right-clicking and selecting Trash?
> Or are they dragging and dropping the files?
> Or is there some other way they do it?
> Finding the cause is a good way to find the solution.
> There are some bad side-effects to using graphical interfaces, one of
> which is the poor timing between mouse (or trackpad) and screen, which
> sometimes means that a bogus click is "detected" while the pointer is
> moving, and if that occurs over a file icon, the file can accidentally
> get selected and moved. This happens more frequently than you would
> imagine, and it is made worse if the operating system suddenly decided
> to do some housekeeping in the background, and robs all the cycles from
> the mouse-detection routines, because then the pointer location is not
> updated, and the pointer jerks across the screen, so genuine clicks can
> be applied to the wrong objects. How old are your machines? This problem
> is more prevalent on older machines with slower processors.
> On 05/25/2017 09:43 PM, fred roller wrote:
> > Gustavo, thank you for the clarification.  Perhaps the Dolphin file
> > manager has the option you are looking.
> The last time I looked (about three months ago), Dolphin was fatally
> broken under Xubuntu because someone moved the icons it used, so no
> icons are displayed, and it hasn't been updated to fix the problem.
> Which is a pity because it was probably the best file manager, and now
> it's useless.
> ///Peter
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