[xubuntu-users] Authoring tools: Was Is there a Linux Distro with MS Word Pre installed?#

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Sat Jan 14 21:42:02 UTC 2017

On 01/14/2017 07:02 PM, pereira wrote:
>   for TeX on a debian-based system do
> sudo apt-get install texlive*

You probably want to add an editor. texstudio is good, so is kile; both
are debian packages. I use emacs, but that's just me :-)

You will also need biber if you are creating documents with
bibliographics references using biblatex (the old BiBTeX styles and
program are now obsolescent).

I can't remember if the process-control script latexmk comes with
texlive or if it's a separate package, but it's good for managing the
build of complex documents.

Plus a decent PDF viewer like evince or qpdfview. The Okular viewer has
a fancy LH margin bar which won't go away, and which wastes a lot of
screen space, although its print control is better than the others.

This lot under Ubuntu IMNSHE provides the best TeX environment.

> be careful. It's about 1 Gb so it takes some time.

The package to install is actually texlive-full, but I suspect texlive*
will do that for you.


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