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Len Philpot lphilpot01 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 17:02:51 UTC 2017

You're right - sloppy wording on my part. More accurate would be 
"for-terminal-use".  For example, $PS1 and other terminal related stuff. 
That is,things I want set typically for all terminal instances.

That's based on the bash manpage I read somewhere back on Solaris years 
ago. It said that .bashrc was sourced upon shell invocation whereas 
.bash_profile was sourced only at login. For my purposes that essentially 
made .bashrc work for terminal sessions. For others it might be different. 
Like I said you'll see different approaches.

... man, that was tough to type on my phone, with dot file names and auto 
correct / auto predict!   :-)

Len Philpot
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On January 8, 2017 10:11:57 AM Ulli Horlacher 
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> On Sun 2017-01-08 (10:02), Len Philpot wrote:
>> For bash, I usually put per-terminal-instance values in ~/.bashrc
> No good idea, because *every* bash subshell will execute ~/.bashrc, not
> only when you start a new terminal program!
> You can see it, when you add the line
> echo executing ~/.bashrc
> into your ~/.bashrc
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