[xubuntu-users] Why does Firefox persist as default browser in some contexts...

Len Philpot lphilpot01 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 16:08:54 UTC 2017

FWIW, I put Chrome in Areca's config file and it still didn't work. I 
even repointed the /usr/bin/firefox symlink to Chrome and it worked 
pretty much everywhere else, butnot in Areca: With /usr/bin/firefox 
symlinked to Chrome, nothing happens from Areca. Oh well, good thing 
I've read the help and don't refer to it much anymore.

*Len Philpot*
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On 01/05/2017 01:09 AM, fred roller wrote:
> | You're right about T-bird, it took an extension to get it to use 
> Chrome. But I've had it happen with software that has no such 
> configuration. For example, just this evening with Areca backup.
> Dan,
> Pulled the following default config for Areca.  Programmers may 
> sometimes hard code the options.  I suggest you find "fwk.properties" 
> and amend the "os.browsers= " to include "google-chrome-stable" I 
> think it will resolve this programs issue.  Caveat, I am not a 
> programmer, just been mucking around the Linux system for a bit and 
> understand the beauty in it's simplicity.  While hopefully this 
> discussion will prompt the developers, who are grossly under 
> appreciated imho btw, to a more unified convention; we can get by with 
> these little fixes.  Hope this helps and you are able to ferret out 
> the other programs you are having issue with on your system.
> # Miscellaneous settings
> backup.debug = false
> smtp.debug=false
> cache.preload = false
> os.browsers = firefox, opera, konqueror, epiphany, mozilla, netscape   
>  <<<-- these are the browsers is in order of priority presumably
> sse.protocols = SSL, TLS, TLS-P, TLS-C
> repository.check.consistency = true
> log.default.history = 10
> delta.debug = false
> -- Fred

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