[xubuntu-users] Is it possible to edit the right-click menu?

Ulli Horlacher framstag at rus.uni-stuttgart.de
Wed Jan 4 00:16:33 UTC 2017

On Tue 2017-01-03 (07:31), Kevin O'Gorman wrote:

> There's a menu that pops up when I right-click the desktop.  I have no idea
> what it's called or what app or service does it, but I use it a lot.

xfdesktop --menu

> Lately some new stuff has shown up on it.  Fine.  But I'd like to
> reorganize it a bit.  Is this possible?

There are alacarte and menulibre, but both are horrible buggy.
I do not use them any more, because they mess up the application menu.
You can edit manually 

But this is a hard job :-(

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