[xubuntu-users] Upgrade from 15.10 to 16.04 got aborted

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Mon Jan 2 12:56:57 UTC 2017

I just upgraded my Dell Latitude D810 from 15.10 to 16.04_01 using
update-manager (the last of my machines to update this cycle).  All went
well except for two things:

a) as usual, it halted several times to ask if I wanted to keep the
config file in etc/somewhere/or/other/something.rc, claiming it had
"been modified". My apologies for not noting down each of these as they
occurred, I'll do so next time. I clicked OK, because these are files
that always get queried, that I have never touched (largely because I
don't know what they are). Obviously Ubuntu believes these files to have
been modified, so it must be using an incorrect test somewhere. It has
no effect on operation anyway, so next time I really will note down the
filenames...but I wondered if this is a common occurrence for others to
have the installer query config files that had never been modified,
claiming that they had?

b) more serious, the installer got into a twisty loop claiming it
couldn't install emacs24 and emacs-goodies-el because it couldn't
configure xemacs21 and xemacs21-mule :-)  I never use xemacs because it
wrecks my head, my keybindings, and my scripts, but I suspect I *did*
once install it many years ago in order to demonstrate what it was doing
wrong...and then forgot to delete it. No problem as such: I deleted all
xemacs* and emacs*  packages and then reinstalled GNU Emacs once I had

BUT...the actual 16.04.01 install process treated this business with
xemacs as so serious that it aborted the installation. Fortunately it
seems to have been far enough down the road (very close to the end) that
everything else appears to have worked, but I'm now using a LOT more
disk space than before, and I suspect the cleanup of old 15.10 packages
never occurred.

How do I get that part of the install to run independently and finish up


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