[xubuntu-users] Catfish File Finder Problems

John R. Sowden jsowden at americansentry.net
Sun Jan 1 08:25:00 UTC 2017

If I am doing a search, which sometime takes a while, and I run another 
program, such as Libre Office, or Freecell, and drag that window over 
the Catfish window because I want to the the screen, that is when the 
Catfish problem occurs.


Ubuntu 16.04
version 1.4.2

On 12/31/2016 03:40 AM, Florian Coste wrote:
> Hi,
> Could you describe more precisely what are you doing with Catfish to 
> see this bug ? Specifically, I don't understand this sentence "When I 
> start a search, if I move another window across the Cashfish window". 
> Could you describe it better, please ?
> And could you tell us which Xubuntu version do you use, and which 
> version of Catfish, please ?
> 2016-12-16 22:10 GMT+01:00 John R. Sowden <jsowden at americansentry.net 
> <mailto:jsowden at americansentry.net>>:
>     Actually I have had this problem ever since I started using Catfish.
>     When I start a search, if I move another window across the
>     Cashfish window, two things happen:
>     1) The graphic image of the Catfish window is destroyed and does
>     not return (re-write).
>     2) Catfish seems to continue searching, but it:
>         i) never ends
>        ii) locks up from user input.
>     If I don't touch it until its done, then the search works.
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