[xubuntu-users] Fast and usful

Thomas Blasejewicz nyuwa at hb.tp1.jp
Thu Mar 3 00:41:41 UTC 2016

On 2016/03/03 8:43, Cody Smith wrote:
> To expound on that, if you feel adventurous, load up a spare machine 
> with Xubuntu 16.04 to test for bugs and report any you find. This is 
> very basic, but it's REALLY needed even at this stage after the 
> feature freeze.
Good morning
I have been trying to use a variant = tuxtrans -> xubuntu 14 based (I 
think) because I wanted to try all those translation related features.
And I tried plain and simple xubuntu too.
HOWEVER, at every second automatic upgrade I "automatically" get the 
error message that "/boot is full".
(I have been asking about this several times)

Then the ONLY way (I was told) to solve that issue is to go in there and 
MANUALLY delete older kernel versions (scary!).
That takes time and some computer knowledge - and is something I have 
never seen with any other linux flavors.

Is there any chance, this annoying behavior has been corrected?
Because this definitely speaks against xubuntu being fast and useful.

Thank you

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