[xubuntu-users] Fast and usful

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Wed Mar 2 09:54:33 UTC 2016

On 01/03/16 19:33, David wrote:
>     Hello
>       I have been a ubuntu user since 8.?
>     Xubuntu has brought to life several of my older computers.
>      I am now moving all my computers to Xubuntu it's fast and very
> reliable
>      Thank you to all concerned
>      As a thought
>                 Most people would donate $10 dollars a month via there
> credit card ?
>      All the best to all
> David EE

Hello David,

and thanks for the compliments. Glad to hear you like Xubuntu!

For this a few reasons, the Xubuntu team can't make money directly from
Xubuntu. If you want to help, there are a few options:

1) We always need new volunteers helping us work with Xubuntu - time and
talent is the best help anybody can give. You can read more about the
opportunities to help at http://xubuntu.org/contribute/

2) Xubuntu works with a few vendors that produce officially endorsed
t-shirts, polos, stickers and more. Again while we can't make money out
of these, the vendors put some items to the side based on the amount of
sales. We then can give these back to the community via different
contests and more. Read more about the products at

3) Finally, if you can't help for whatever reason and don't want the
swag, you can donate money to Xfce (the desktop environment used in
Xubuntu) via Bountysource, or to the Canonical community project fund,
where the Xubuntu team can request money from when needed; for example,
we are running a virtual server to help with development with money from
this fund. Read more about all ways to donate at


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