[xubuntu-users] 16.14 woes (was Re: TVMobili and Xubuntu Xenial)

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Sun Jul 10 20:59:42 UTC 2016

On 07/10/2016 03:04 PM, Curt Dawe wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I am using my Xenial Xubuntu install to run my media server via tvMobili.
> Since I upgraded to Xenial, tvMobili, that had been running lovely under Mint, will randomly die, sometimes taking the Xenial box with it. I've noticed that on occasion, after random periods of time, when parsing back through the folders on the TV, when I try to return to the root directory list, tvMobili says it can't return to the root listing. Still, if I reconnect it may well play videos fine ...
> Why might Xenial and tvMobili not be playing nice?
> Any ideas guys?
> Curt
I've experienced like problems with other apps since installing Xubuntu 16.04 
yesterday: apps freeze, especially those communicating outside of my laptop.

Some apps seem to take a long time to load - worse than with ver. 12.04. And, 
this is after installing/running from an SSD.

The mouse cursor also disappears. Sometimes I can see the point-of-focus by 
moving the mouse around - they change appearance as they do, getting lighter, 
when they are the point of focus. This enables me to "see" the logout icon on 
my panel and to highlight the correct choice to logout. After logging out / 
in, the problems disappear . . . *for awhile!*

During the composition of this message, everything froze when I tried to open 
Nemo. Already open was was Firefox, a terminal, Thunderbird and a message 
Thunderbird message composition window. While I could see the mouse cursor and 
apps that were open would "light up" when I hovered over their indicators on 
Panel 0, NOTHING would respond to mouse clicks. AND, I could not get a 
terminal to open using ctrl-alt-t. I was able to get to the command line with 
ctrl-alt-F2 and reboot from the CLI.

I AM glad to see the bug related to encryption, wherein swap is unavailable, 
has been fixed. (This bug was evidenced by a cryptic message (pun intended) 
during boot/login relating to swap being unavailable and confirming this from 
the cli with

    free -m

linux.rog at gmail.com

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