[xubuntu-users] Screen blank during version upgrade

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Sun Feb 7 20:46:20 UTC 2016

On 07/02/16 19:20, Tim Preston wrote:
> I have the exact same issue on my laptop and desktop while attempting to
> do the same thing. even trying a fresh 15.10 install wasn't working for me

Does the screen light up at all when you power up? Or is it permanently

If it's always black, you probably have a dead screen.
If it lights up and lets you work for a bit, and then goes black,
it might be the backlight or the inverter.

I managed to fix mine...for the moment.

Trusting that the absent disk-light meant the update was paused for a
dialog, I held down the power button and forced a reboot. It came back
(so perhaps the black-out *wasn't* connected with the inverter?) with a
full-screen console and about 10 short messages that went past too fast
to read, then cleared and showed a login prompt.

I logged in and used sudo dpkg --configure -a to restart the upgrade.
This ran, but with some messages about missing configs, unresolved
dependencies etc -- I have seen these before in a normal upgrade to
15.10, so I think they are bugs rather than a breakage on my system.

Finally it finished and I rebooted normally, and it's running X again,
but if I use apt-get, there is a very long list of packages which it
*claims* are no longer needed, but at this stage I have no way to tell
if this is true or if it's a result of a few things having been messed
about in the process. In a normal version upgrade I'd expect maybe 10-20
packages no longer needed, but this list has maybe 50+. I'll leave it
until I do a regular upgrade (usually weekly) and see what happens.


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