[xubuntu-users] OT: better bootable thumb drive creator than unetbootin?

Rog linux.rog at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 17:23:27 UTC 2016

On 05/01/2016 01:17 AM, Patrice ARNAL wrote:
> I ususally use Easy2boot or Multi system
> http://www.easy2boot.com/
> http://liveusb.info/dotclear/  (MultiSystem)
> Both are fine. Easy2boot needs contigous files and needs sometimes to be 
> defragmented with a virtual window machine (JK Defrag)
> Multisystem has its own management interface installable on any Ubuntu 
> distro, and is going to be my favorite.
Patrice: GREAT TIP. I tried Multisystem and it worked very well. Others have 
failed for me, including tuxboot. I installed Multiboot using the method 
described here:


My first attempt at finding a source led to a non-English page. The one cited 
is in English.

Parenthetically, there are some unneeded steps specified at the above site - 
after the addition of the ppa to the repository list. apt-get update does 
things specified in earlier steps.

I did find that one has to be sure and be patient while some steps are 
in-progress, e.g., loading iso components onto a thumb drive - there are not 
progress indicators and it might appear to some that the install has hung. No, 
it's just processing, probably writing the larger files from the Knoppix iso.

I made a Knoppix thumb drive. The attempt had failed on three different thumb 
drives but it worked fine on my first try. Knoppix boots in ~ 15 sec on my 
laptop, which has an I7 processor.

Thanks again for a great tip.

linux.rog at gmail.com

> Le 2016-04-30 15:57, Roger a écrit :
>     Try tuxboot.org <http://tuxboot.org>
>     I've had mixed success booting from thumb drives. CDs / DVDs have worked
>     better, even when booting from an external drive via USB.
>     Also interesting is
>     http://archtyriel.kinja.com/turn-your-flash-drive-into-the-most-useful-tool-on-your-946943684
>     Let us know what works.
>     On April 30, 2016 8:24:57 AM EDT, JMZ <florentior at gmail.com> wrote:
>         Hi,
>         Okay OT but someone here must know.  I've never been able to create a
>         bootable thumb drive from iso using unetbootin.  Specifically, I need to
>         make a dban thumb drive to wipe a netbook (no cd drive). unetbootin
>         gives me a menu of scripts on bootup. This menu is useless.  Seems that
>         a lot of the thumb drive creation software is written as windows
>         software for windows users who want to create a bootable linux distro
>         iso.  That doesn't help me.  Better ideas?
>         Thanks
>         Jordan
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