[xubuntu-users] Log-in Screen : Flashing and Lose of Wallpaper

Florian Coste fcoste21 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 09:34:49 UTC 2016

2016-08-28 20:50 GMT+02:00 Peter Flynn <peter at silmaril.ie>:

> I have a related problem in 15.10 *and* 16.04, but only on my desktop
> systems, not my laptop.

Why does these appear only on your laptop and not on your desktop computer
? This is weird, don't you think ?

> After giving my fulldisk encryption password,
> the screen blanks while the OS loads, then the Ubuntu logo comes up, and
> then the wallpaper and login prompt appears -- for a second, then
> vanishes and the screen goes blank. But it's actually still there,
> because I can type my username and password, and it reappears and I'm
> logged in as normal.

Don't forget to report being affected by this bug on these bug report :

That would add more visibility to this annoying bug.

> Not a dealbreaker for me, but I can see it unnerving a newcomer.

That's exactly what I'm thinking. As I'm currently testing the devel
version (the next Xubuntu 16.10), it appears this behavior is fixed in the
devel version. But, I don't understand why because Yakkety Yak and Xenial
Xerus use the same version of lightdm-gtk-greeter.

Anyway, if a fix has been found on Yakkety, that would be great to backport
that to Xenial because it's a LTS, and as you said it could unnerving a

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