[xubuntu-users] Networkmanager: reactivating messages

Michael Höhne mih-hoehne at web.de
Mon Aug 1 17:38:22 UTC 2016

Hello "list"eners ;-)

some day ago I created a new (vpn-)network-connection. After some
testing it worked as expected and the message "Connected with..." popped
up as usual. But then I accidental hit the "Don't show this message
again"-Button! Since then I do not get nm-applet messages any more. :-(

I wasn't able to find the settings or the config-file for this. Does
anybody know, how to get these messages back?

Thanks in advance,

   / / / / /__/      Michael Höhne /
  /   / / /  /  mih-hoehne at web.de /

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