[xubuntu-users] USB camera being intercepted?

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Thu Nov 26 22:39:22 UTC 2015

On 26/11/15 14:21, Petter Adsen wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Nov 2015 21:39:50 +0000
> Peter Flynn <peter at silmaril.ie> wrote:
> <snip>
>>> 21:28:29 noah colord[879]: (colord:879): Cd-WARNING **: CdMain:  
>> failed to emit DeviceAdded: failed to register object: An object is
>> already exported for the interface org.freedesktop.ColorManager.Device
>> at /org/freedesktop/ColorManager/devices/sysfs__null_
>> It's that last one that puzzles me.
> That's nothing to be concerned about, it simply indicates the lack of
> color management. Xubuntu does not install any tools for color
> management by default, since XFCE does not use any. I don't think
> Enlightenment does either.

OK, that makes sense, but the error message also reveals the problem:

"failed to register object: An object is already exported for the interface"

Something has stepped in and locked everything else out.

> Do you really want applications to stomp all over ownership, rather
> than having to make sure applications get access to whatever they need?
> That does not sound like a world I want to live in.

Not unbidden, but it should be possible to tell an application (with
suitable authentication) to break whatever lock some erroneous task has
imposed, and free up the device for use.

It's precisely because something deep inside the system is currently
*not* making sure applications get access to whatever they need.

I'm trying to work out why a device known by the system to be a camera
with video capability is being prevented from being accessed by the very
applications designed to make use of it.

> I'm not entirely sure about the "interface 0 claimed by usbfs" message,
> but it could mean that the camera has been connected as an MTP device

Except that it explicitly says
Nov 26 22:13:36 noah mtp-probe: bus: 6, device: 3 was not an MTP device

> rather than PTP, and Digikam wants the latter. Are there any settings
> on the camera for how it connects over USB, like there are on Android
> phones?

Unfortunately not. The camera has no settings whatsoever. Is there a


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