[xubuntu-users] Setting up a new install

John R. Sowden jsowden at americansentry.net
Wed Nov 25 21:07:20 UTC 2015

I am attempting to set up a 14.04 lts xubuntu system on a 3 tb drive.  I 
am trying to use "something else" in the setup menu.  The process is not 
going like the instructions, and if I get to the fifth partition and 
have a problem and want to go back, I loose all my work and have to 
start over at "something else".  After 4 times, I'm here  :) .

When I enter the first partition, 20 GB  ext4 on root, I get a 1 mb area 
assigned with no explanation.  When I get to the 4th partition, and want 
to make it the 'extended' partition, there is no option and no 
explanation.  Clicking on logical does not help.  I haven't seen 
anything about encryption yet.  I want a fat32 partition in the primary 
partitions for freedos.  I want an unassigned partition in the primary 
because I don't know how I want to use it yet.  I want swap in the 
extended area.  I also might use a virtual machine setup so I can run 
dos and xubuntu at the same time (mainly for printing).

guidance?  google is not my friend in this case, including going to the 
ubuntu site.


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