[xubuntu-users] smb share not mounted

Wiebe van der Worp w at vanderworp.org
Sat Nov 7 20:11:47 UTC 2015

Hello everyone, first posting.

On a laptop (Apire 8943G) I installed 15.10, 64bit. Apart from some 
minor things, everything is fine except for executing smb entries from 
/etc/fstab. The exact same settings on another system work fine but on 
the laptop a smb-share is not mounted. dmesg:

[    4.913028] FS-Cache: Loaded
[    4.928366] FS-Cache: Netfs 'cifs' registered for caching
[    4.928518] Key type cifs.spnego registered
[    4.928533] Key type cifs.idmap registered
[    4.932079] CIFS VFS: Error connecting to socket. Aborting operation.
[    4.932415] CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -101

After some investigation I understand that this is caused because the 
network is not yet up during mounting the share.

I've tried several solutions, none of them successful. If I do: # "mount 
-a" after logging in, I get my share ;-)

However, if I put the following line under the comments in 
/etc/rc.local, nothing happens:

sleep 10 mount -a

rc.local has executable bits set.

Just to be complete, fstab contains the following line and mount point 
exists with proper rights:

//  /data/isn  cifs 
uid=1000,gid=1000,credentials=/etc/samba/user,noexec  0 0

Does anyone have a clue?

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