[xubuntu-users] "System program problem detected"

blind Pete 0123peter at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 05:52:03 UTC 2015

Eric Christopherson wrote:

> Lately I've been getting this strange dialog saying
>     System program problem detected
>     Do you want to report the problem now?
>     [Cancel] [Report problem...]
> every time I start my Xubuntu GUI session. I actually get at least two
> instances of this popup; one is in the top left (just under the top
> bar) and the other's in the center. When I click to send the report,
> it tells me that it's a problem installing the nvidia-331 package. I
> do have the closed-source Nvidia driver, but this keeps coming up when
> I'm not trying to upgrade. Is this just left over from some time when
> I tried to update the driver in the past?

There is a long standing bug between dkms, nvidia, and multiple 
kernel modules.  Go to launchpad.net and search for nvidia and 
uvm.  Apparently, it is just cosmetic for most people and will 
be fixed with a driver update to 340 real soon now.  If you 
are impatient and like mucking about with your computer try 
adding the PPA from,  

blind Pete
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