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Steve verner.steven at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 13:26:12 UTC 2015

What exactly isn't working? yunohost appears to just be a set of 
"special" apps placed on top of a base debian install.

On 01/31/2015 07:44 AM, guilhem wilow04 wrote:
> hi , everybody :) i'm not great programmer, but, i am an happy user of 
> a debian project, a debian fork called "yunohost" ... i like ubuntu, 
> but, if someone could help many users of yunohost, .......
> if someone could "adapter" (in french, sorry)
>  i would like to use yunohost on ubuntu.   but it does'nt work at this 
> time. i give u some links about it, and take a try , why not...
> <https://yunohost.org/#/index_fr>

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