[xubuntu-users] Help with DVR options

Scott Ehrlich scott at ehrlichtronics.com
Wed Aug 19 01:22:35 UTC 2015

My wife and I have FIOS and our STB died, causing us to lose the shows
we recorded.

So, to prevent that from happening again, I am looking into more home
made DVR options.

I'm looking into the HD Home Run Premium with a cable card.

I'd plan to pair that with a cheap PC and likely an eSATA 4-disk RAID box.

We have a step up from basic cable - we also have CNN, Lifetime, and
other non premium but cable-based channels.

What [PC] hardware is most recommended?   My local Microcenter has
some cheap ($300 or less) Dell and HP desktops I am considering.

As for software, scheduling, etc, what is most recommended?

Tivo seems way too pricey and a bit too proprietary.

Next step, after the home made DVR is built, is to find a way to
project/connect the video to my tv, and aim to integrate a remote with
the DVR setup.

Maybe integration with Chromecast, which I do have?

What remote control options are there?



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