[xubuntu-users] [15.04 64Bit 04/09]-Very Slow Boot Time?

Jesse Palser jessepalsermailinglists at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 20:03:01 UTC 2015


I installed a 04/08 daily of Xubuntu 15.04 64Bit and updated to today.
Xubuntu runs great, but my desktops boot time is very long (2 minutes+).
I this a known issue which will be fixed in next week's release candidate?

If I press [F2] when the O.S. is stuck in booting I see 2 revolving 
messages with a 1:30 timer?
The timer reaches 1:30 minutes and the booting continues to a desktop.
I've tried Kubuntu 15.04 64Bit too on this same desktop and get the same 
slow booting with same messages.



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