[xubuntu-users] Greetings and question

Fernando fearga at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 1 20:05:54 UTC 2015

Hello there!
I am an experienced and relatively knowledgeable Ubuntu user; recently started using Xubuntu due to RAM memory (or lack thereof) issues with my older Toshiba notebook; apparently the Unity desktop regular Ubuntu has been using over the last few years as replacement for the good old Gnome is a bit too much for my notebook, and it was making everything slower and slower with every new release.
So I am running Xubuntu 14.04 now, and everything this far seems to be working wonderfully well, practically out-of-the-box. Except, and I admit that this is just plain silly nostalgia, I miss the old Ubuntu system sounds, the intriguing drums at start-up, etcetera. 
Question: Am I having some kind of trouble here, or is it that there are no system sounds in Xubuntu? And in any case, is there a way to restore the Ubuntu sounds?
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