[xubuntu-users] I still have the black rectangle on my desktop.

David Walland davidwalland at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 30 08:11:20 UTC 2014


I ran *ps -A | grep $(xprop _NET_WM_PID | cut -d' ' -f3)*

and this is what I get:

2264 ?        00:00:00 xfce4-panel

2264 is output in red.

I'm still so new to Linux, I have no idea either why running those commands
gets that information, nor what the information means, except in the
vaguest sense.  While I'd love to remove the black rectangle, I'd love even
more to understand how it happened and how the command to get that
information works and now how to use the info to get rid of it.

I'm still one of the Rikki-Tikki-Tavi sort...



On 29 September 2014 17:48, m. neasae <mlnease at hctc.com> wrote:

> To identify it, in a terminal run:
> ps -A | grep $(xprop _NET_WM_PID | cut -d' ' -f3)
> ...then click on the square.
> Assuming its an X11 window, this command will grab the pid of the window
> using xprop and pull out the associated application process info using ps.
> On 09/29/2014 04:16 AM, xubuntu-users-request at lists.ubuntu.com wrote:
>> I still have the black rectangle on my desktop.
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