[xubuntu-users] Progress Bars

Robert Hammerslag hammerslag at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 12:16:16 UTC 2014

Wilbur, thanks for your patience in replying to my dumb question.  I
have figured out that I had accidentally removed the notification area
in my panel.  I have figured out how to restore it.  I think my
problem is that I am so used to Windows that it's going to take me a
little time to adjust to XFCE's different pattern of doing things. I
could change to something more Windows like such as KDE, but Xubuntu
is so fast and stable, I'm going to stick with it.  Bob Hammerslag

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> Right click on any of the remaining items in the top panel, hover over
> Panel , and select submenu Preferences.  From there you can modify
> your panels. Select the panel, and use the Items tab to see the
> installed items and add new ones.
> I don't know the progress bar indicator, so let us know if you find it.
> I have the network progress bar indicator, but that does not display
> the progress of downloads.
> On Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 8:39 PM, Robert Hammerslag <hammerslag at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I am on my second day of using Xbuntu and need help with undoing
>> something I did.  I removed a progress bar from the top panel.  This
>> bar kept me informed of the progress of active downloads and other
>> processes.  With it gone, I have no idea what is running.  How can I
>> restore these bars to my top panel.  Or, is there a way to restore
>> Xbuntu to default settings?   Thanks.  Archipelago
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