[xubuntu-users] 14.04.1 hates video

Ince, Wilbur wilbur at wilbur.us
Sat Sep 6 23:40:38 UTC 2014

Have you checked which driver is appropriate for your video card?
The latest driver might not be right for your card, and this would
cause major issues.

Your best long-term approach is to find a video card that is well
supported, and replace the video card.

I decided upon the AMD HD7770, it's a reasonable price for good
performance.  It also has good driver support.

On Sat, Sep 6, 2014 at 3:23 AM, MR ZenWiz <mrzenwiz at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm running Xubuntu 14.04.1 with the latest nVidia driver for my
> system, and tonight the system froze three times while playing videos
> - two in Firefox and one in mplayer.  Froze as in totally
> non-responsive other than the reset switch.
> This is not the first time - it has also hung in videos via Chrome and
> VLC,possibly xscreensaver, too.  (Light Locker was worse.)
> What is it with the video interface in 14.04?  I never had this much
> trouble with 12.04, back to which I am seriously considering going.
> It was better a week ago, before the last X-related update.
> Frustrated,
> MR
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