[xubuntu-users] Removing applicatons from Volume control indicator

George F. Nemeyer tigerwolf at tigerden.com
Sat Oct 25 03:57:00 UTC 2014

On Fri, 24 Oct 2014, Fred Roller wrote:

> Path of least resistance is to remove the programs.  They will not
> appear unless you want them there in which case they are just a shortcut
> to an approved program.  I have set up similar labs with similar
> restrictions.  If approved users need programs then it is possible to
> only approve those users through permissions.  But what you have
> indicated simply removing the programs will have the desired effect.

The programs need to be there for approved users (who have separate user
accounts), and for launching by other things that may need them.  I just
want the controls gone from indicator pop up for the restricted, and
generally clueless, guest users who are likely to click anything they see.

Since 'something else' other than the music player and VLC are sticking
the controls into the popup (apparently 'just because the players exist',
since the programs are not running at all), it's not the player programs
themselves causing the issue.  I want to fix whatever is creating the
popup so it's not adding unwanted things.

Also, removing gmusicplayer and VLC wouldn't cure the pop-up having a
'sound settings' link that exposes *ALL* the sound controls.

I've had older non-xubuntu XFCE machines that offer a simple volume
control as a panel widget that have worked fine for years.  Those also
employ XFCE kiosk mode which blocks 'right clicking' from exposing things
the guest account shouldn't ever even see.  A simple volume control's all
I'm after.

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