[xubuntu-users] Colour Printing

Fred Roller fredroller66 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 04:27:47 UTC 2014

On 10/11/2014 05:55 PM, Peter Flynn wrote:
> On 10/10/2014 02:13 AM, Fred Roller wrote:
>> fwiw, HP has good linux support on there printers as well.
> It's mixed. Technically I think it usually works, but the hplip system
> can be very intrusive, generally getting in the way of printing, with
> its own systray object, own icon, own popups, own error messages, etc.
> But this is just the cost of using a HP printer. Most of the time it's
> worth it, IMHO.
> ///Peter
I agree.  Installing printers for various clients has left me advising 
in favor for one of two manufactures; HP or brother.  My experience with 
a Dell printer left me with such a bad experience that I won't touch 
them and Cannon just seems a lot of trouble. Ofc, a basic older laser 
printer in the sweet spot of having a few years of driver/supply support 
left in it seems to work best.  The community has had time to work kinks 
out and put solutions in the network and the printer still has a 
reasonable life expectancy. FWIW, that's the route I recommend for most 
home users but it is a crap shoot (risky) to get a used printer.  But I 
am turning this off topic.

Another option, if it is relevant, is to maybe use the nef or raw option 
of your camera if it has it.  I use a Nikon which allows me to shoot and 
save in NEF file format.  Gimp requires the NEF support of gimp-ufraw to 
translate.  When I went to set up printing it allowed to configure a 
color profile specific to the printer... please bear in mind this was a 
few years ago so would require a bit research and is offered only as a 
possible pointer.

The other idea is if a new printer is an option to look into more 
compatible printers for your specific task.  Having switched OS's 
altogether would not be indifferent than if you had switched to Apple 
from Windows and thus would require a change of peripherals supported by 
the OS.  Linux just gives you the option and community to work this 
issue out.  If it is a matter of just getting up and running then 
perhaps a more compatible printer might be called for in this case.  And 
as in most cases with Linux and why I love it so much: you do have the 

- Fred

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